Christopher Peifer

Musician, Producer, Sound Designer

Christopher Peifer, New York-based musician, songwriter, sound designer and producer

Blockhouses "Greatest Hit Songs of All Time" CD (Stomper)


Blockhouses "Greatest Hit Songs of All Time" CD (Stomper)


Guy Lyons - vocals, guitar
Christopher Peifer - bass, vocals, keyboards
Jim Balga - drums, percussion

Produced by Pete Donnelly
Recorded at Kawari Sound, Wyncote, PA
Mixed and mastered at Westmont Station, Collingswood, NJ
Additional keyboards by Pete Donnelly

All Songs 2018 BMI
Stomper Music 021

Includes postage

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"Essential album alert! With three singles in the books, the band returned from a hiatus this year to complete its first full-length album. And so here it is, aptly titled "Greatest Hit Songs of All Time." This album is a power pop enthusiast's dream - full of catchy, high energy tunes that just plain rock ... Guy Lyons sure knows how to surround himself with incredible musicians. Peifer and Balga make up the formidable rhythm section that really drives these songs. Sometimes "power trio" is just a euphemism, but I can't think of a more fitting way to describe Blockhouses. It's clear that these songs were written not just to sound good on record, but also to be fully rocked out on stage. And while the album title is obviously tongue-in-cheek, there's some real truth to it. This thing is packed with tracks that could have been A-sides to singles ... If you wanted a textbook demonstration of how to put the power in the pop, this is it. Punchy guitars? Check. Driving energy? Check. A chorus that will be stuck in your head from the first time you hear it? Check! ... Greatest Hit Songs Of All-Time is every bit the knockout debut album I expected from Blockhouses. The songs from the singles sound better than ever, and the new material is every bit as strong. To me, the best power pop is the kind that sticks closest to the blueprint of good old rock n' roll. Blockhouses are the perfect case in point. They know it isn't necessary to reinvent the wheel. They're all about writing great tunes with memorable hooks and rocking the heck out of them ... " - Lord Rutledge, Faster and Louder

#Blockhouses "Greatest Hit Songs Of All Time" (2018) - Title might match "Jesus of Cool" for overstatement, but might also match it for melody. I'll let others argue over whether it's power pop or garage rock or punk (mainly because it's all of that) (and all that). - Roy Pearl, Un-Herd Music