Christopher Peifer

Musician, Producer, Sound Designer

Christopher Peifer, New York-based musician, songwriter, sound designer and producer

BLOCKHOUSES live (filmed in NYC, Saratoga Springs, and Boston, during 2014 Northeast tour with The Figgs)

BLOCKHOUSES (mach l) "Said Enough", Low Beat, Albany

COLORFORM 2015 promotional video for "Whiskey Drought"

DARK HOLLOW Music and photographs from The 16th NY International Fringe Festival production

THE KOWALSKIS cover "Dreamin'" by Blondie (live in Houma, LA, 1999)

GORGEOUS MACHINES "Low Tide at Dead Horse Bay", with field recording and images from Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn

FRANCES FARMER MY HERO Johnny Thunders tribute "Johnny" (1991)

500 Hats "Boxing Day", Mother Earth Cafe, Albany, NY, recorded in some superior technology, prior to, and not so compatible with youtube ...

TEMPEST "Stimulator", Foellinger Theatre, FW, IN, some bygone era, recorded in glorious B&W betamax